Thursday, November 22, 2012

How do you measure a year in the life?

One year ago today I Audrey was attending her first Thanksgiving feast with our family. One year ago. One Year. What the???
365 days, 525, 600 minutes, 31,557,600 seconds. One year.
 I think I've only slept, like, 20 of those minutes.
 What a year. Two surgeries, physical therapy, walking, talking, temper tantrums, doctors visits, potty training that is NOT happening, testing limits, growing out of clothes that used to fit, finaly sleeping most of the night. if we forget where we put that panda one more time, sleepless nights...having a two year old...This has been the hardest year, the funnest year, the most maddening year, the helpless year, the year of learning. This year has been full of giggles, hugs, kissing boo boo's, bows, hair cuts, clothes, It took a year but Audrey and I have finally found our groove.
As I think about how drastically both of our lives have changed over the past 365 days, I stand in awe of how well it has gone. Don't get me wrong, This has been hard. Last week I was about ready to call in the parents and run far away after Audrey's second day in a row of major defiance. The medical costs alone have almost sent me to the poor house quite a few times. And we all remember when Audrey was sleeping only 3 to 4 hours a night...well I remember those nights anyway. But to find our place, our comfort zone 12 months into this journey, has been a blessing.
As I have said before, Audrey is the most resilient child I have ever met. She bounces back from adversity quickly and does so with a giggle and a smile on her face. Though she says, "I don't yike the boo boo docta," she immediately wants to hug him or her after a procedure. She still falls alot, but gets right back up and keeps on moving. She is very sensitive and wants to make up quickly after discipline so she can get back to having fun. I am so blessed to be her mom.
I've learned so much these 365 days. I've learned that I am NOT tollerant of bad behavior, that my idea of what a clean house is has changed, that just when I think my heart could not over flow more with love, it does it again. I also have learned that I still need a forgiving savior. As many times as I have been selfless and have loved my daughter through her fears and behavior, I have been selfish and have not handled her issues properly. I have learned to ask for her forgiveness as I have failed her many times. Mom guilt? Yes. But also a realization/reminder that I still need the God who brought my daughter from the other side of the world to handle the small details of our daily life. As He rescued her from the dying room, I need Him to rescue me each day. (thanks Ashley Ivester for the post to remind me of this)
I need to go wake my daughter up and celebrate this Thanksgiving Day. Wake my daugher DAUGHTER... for THIS I am Thankful.
 Gotcha Day 2012
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  1. Look how happy she looks on Gotcha Day 2012! She is so lucky you rescued her and gave her an opportunity for a life she never would have had. You too are lucky she rescued you. Nothing like having a child to take us out of our selfishness and into selflessness.