Monday, May 7, 2012

6 Months Yesterday....No Body Told Me....

I was thinking that I might want to make a post since I had not posted since our return. The I realized Audrey had been home for 6 months. WOW. I look back at my posts and laugh at how naive I was to this whole thing - not that I am wise now by any means. How certain I was then that God would take care of us on this journey...and He has. My adopted/adoptive friends already know this - but Audrey is the perfect match to me and my family/ She couldn't be more perfect for me even if I would have birthed her, and this is no coincidence. It has been so fun to watch her bloom and grow, learn, and become herself within our family. I look back at those photos of Gotcha Day and just stand in awe. She has changed physically of course - atleast one inch in height, 3 pounds, and has leaned out. But also in her confidence. That scared little girl that sat on my lap and cried for two hours straight is now a confident little pistol whose favorite activity is yelling, "Come on girl" to her Momma and trying to take off walking. The little girl who sat quietly and played with her stacking cups now enjoys screaming at the singers on Idol and dancing around to the music. The not-so-picky-eater has started to hate everything but mac and cheese, hot dogs, and cheese. The weak, shakey baby that first pulled up on a stool in our hotel room is now taking her first steps and wollering her mother each night. It has been a transformation I have been priviledged to watch.
    Funny how I was so scared of those doctors appointments. Audrey is the bravest little girl I know. She charms everyone in the offices and is greeted by name by most of the nurses in the MRI/CAT scan area at Cardinal Glennon. She was won the heart of her surgeon - and I think the crush is mutual. She has exceeded his expectations of her progress with physical therapy and will only need a small amount of the testing he originally thought she would need. Dr. Elbabee is confident that the hole in her skull will close and that her Chiari malformation is not ever going to be a big deal. He is also confident that she will walk independently. None of this would be possible without the loving care she recieved at the Starfish Foster Home. While in China I got to visit the home where Audrey was saved. What a wonderful place and I can't wait to go back with her.
Gotcha Day scared baby first time on my lap

in GZ barely standing with nelp

Easter Sunday standing alone, just leaning on fence

Easter Sunday wanting to get down and play

     Six months has flown by. I hope to post more about our trip like I said I would, and hope to post more about how God has worked through this whole life changing event..... I think I am still trying to digest and process the whole thing. No one told me it would be like this, or if they did I didn't have the ablilty to understand, nor do I feel now that I have the words to adequately describe my experience to another. All I can say is that my little girl is asleep in her room about 6 feet from me. I waited almost 5 years to say that. She is the love of my life...and when I think I can't love her more, I do!


  1. This is totally awesome. You rescued a baby ... And a baby rescued you.

  2. It is a beautiful transformation, like a flower in bloom. And it is a miracle. Thank You, Jesus, for allowing us mamas to enjoy the abundant life and blessings of our children! I'm so excited that Audrey is so close to walking independently! We are still working on that, but our doctors believe it will happen.