Monday, July 11, 2011

Audrey's Room and new photos!

 I want to start off this post with new photos. Once again people have been blessing me with photos of Audrey. Taylor - a gal that is volunteering at Starfish - has been in contact with me alot and she took quite a few photos of my girl. ( Taylor is the blond in the photos) She worked with her one day to get her to say "momma" and she did it! I am so thankful that Audrey is in a place where she is loved and paid attention to. Also, Taylor told me that Audrey was walking with help but she thought that Audrey has just not wanted to walk by herself yet.....hmmm.....could she be spoiled? My friend Tricia suggested they dangle a cookie across the room and maybe she will get up and go get it - not that she needs another cookie! I have also been in contact with Yonna. She and her family have been sponsoring Audrey and praying for her the past year. I did not know that you could sponsor a specific child, and I am so thankful that God has sent people ahead of me to watch over my daughter. Audrey is so blessed already! Every day I rush to the computer to see who has friend requested me on facebook and who has new information. Today I was contacted by two different ladies that make life books for the kids from Starfish. YAY!
oh look - she's eating
walking with a volunteer

saying mamma!

pretty in pink!
I just can't wait to squeeze those legs and cheeks!

This week I finally got  the room completed. Well, completed as much as it can be! I have a book case and a rocker to get yet...and a sweet baby girl to put in it, too! When I started this adoption process the designer in me planned the babies room first. I have never been a "pink" person and really didn't think about the color when I planned the decor of the room. I picked a soft light blue and brown with a metal bed and dark woods - this to the chagrin of my mother (she now loves the room and is ok with it not being pink). I had this design scheme in mind for the past 4 years. I didn't want to get started on the room without having an end in sight because I didn't want everything to just sit there and get dusty. Lasy year I got ancy and found a great sale. I lucked out because the crib I wanted ended up being marked WAY DOWN and got a great place for my baby to sleep. On a return trip I found a dresser and I started picking up pieces for the room along the way.
My dilema was in how to incorporate the colors, the furniture, and my ideas into a romantic, European inspired princess room. I first had to figure out where to put the stripe around the top. The room is unique because the door and window heights are all I had a cold air return vent to deal with - got that done by working with the negatives and just placing the wood right underneath the cold air return vent. Then I had to find the right stencil to create a feature wall to put the crib on - found one after hours of searching on the web. Then I had to get the molding chosen and put up - got that done by a family friend. Then the fun stuff. The folks helped and we got artwork and shelving put up to feature some of the dolls and toys I had purchased for Audrey over the last few years.
Here is how it looks so far:

my dream gun metal grey crib and princess canopy!

dolls and things I have collected or have recieved as gifts.

I can't get this to rotate but it is the dresser/changing table combo and round mirror.

can't get this to rotate either. The painting says "Audrey" in Chinese. The photo frame is awating pictures!

the bear says "Audrey" and the chinese girl is a bank

an organizing bag with Audrey's initials and a doll made by my friend Lynn North
I LOVE her room. Now to just get her in it.....

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  1. That room is darling! Love the colors and the crib. Now the question is, will she sleep in it? LOL. I worked so hard making Lia's room cute, and of course she'd rather sleep in MY room with me. Oh well, after four years waiting, who's complaining? You will LOVE Audrey's lifebook and I cannot even tell you how many more pictures they gave us on CD when we rec'd Lia. Over a thousand for sure... So awesome!